Case Study

Utah and Nevada, which lie side by side in the west, are similar in climate, levels of income, level of health care delivery, and many other aspects. Yet Utah residents are reported to be among the healthiest in the United States and Nevada residents among the least healthy. At least on the surface, this difference appears to result as a function of a lifestyle choice. Utah is inhabited primarily by the Mormons, who, by religious doctrine, avoid alcohol, Cigarette, and illicit drug use and often live in large, stable families. Alcohol and cigarette consumption are higher in Nevada, and family structure there appears less stable.


  1. In regard to health care benefits, should individuals be made responsible for lifestyle choices? For example, would you favor a risk analysis component for health insurance deductibles? A person who is a heavy smoker or drinker or a divorced adult would pay higher premiums or deductibles in the same way that those with poor driving records pay higher auto insurance rates.
  2. What prohibitions would you consider putting in place to curb alcohol, cigarettes, and drug use?
  3. What incentives might be considered to promote stable families, as this seems to have a positive impact on health care costs?

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