In this a, you are asked to identify an ethics case or an ethical issue in business that you believe is of significant importance. Using theory, models and tools from the course, analyze the case or the ethical issue in its local setting, considering global influences and legal implications. You will need to clear your topic with your professor before you begin researching and writing your paper:

  1. Describe the case or the issue and identify the events, actions or decisions that you consider to be unethical.
  2. Provide context for the case or ethical issue. Context may include, but is not limited to, geographic location, national, industry, and/or organizational culture, industry practice, legal jurisdiction, etc.
  3. What is the rationale (reason) for the current practice? Whom does it benefit?
  4. What specific ethical, legal, and/or governance principles are being ignored or violated?
  5. Which stakeholders are negatively affected? What is the local impact? The global impact?
  6. How has this case or this ethical issue been addressed? Has a solution been found and implemented? Are you satisfied that the ethical issues have been satisfactorily addressed? If so, are there any possible alternative solutions that could have been used? If not, what recommendations would you make for properly addressing the ethical issues?
  7. What change in practices, policies, laws or governance systems might you recommend, to improve the ethics for each situation that you have identified?