Compose 400 words or more discussion to respond the following:

Name the two types of metabolism and distinguish between them.

Why must energy in nutrient molecules be transferred to ATP?

What is glycolysis? How much energy is transferred to ATP through this process?

What is the purpose of the ETS?

Distinguish between glycogenesis and glycogenolysis. Under what circumstances might each occur?

List three of the hormones that affect glucose metabolism?

In which forms are lipids transported to the cells?

How can glycerol and fatty acids enter the citric acid cycle?

Which fatty acids cannot be made by the body?

What is meant by the term essential amino acids?

What is the purpose of the of the process of amino acids deamination?

What is meant by the term nitrogen balance?

What is a vitamin?

List three functions of the minerals in the body.

In which division of the brain would you find the control centers for regulating food intake?

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