1. Reflection papers are designed to formally consider what students have been learning and to organize it through writing.

  1. Throughout the semester, you will be asked to write reflections on what you learn in class and what you get from course works and assignments. For this reflection paper, you may want to reflect on the whole content of Labour law and IR or concentrate on a few chapters that you really like.

  1. The format of these reflections will be consistent throughout the semester; you will be asked to write a reflection answering each one of the following questions:

What? So what? Now

Let’s clarify the expectations for each of those segments:

The What?

  • This part is your opportunity to describe in clear and concise language what you learn in the chosen chapters. It is descriptive in nature.
  • Describe what you learn. It is interesting? Is it hard to understand? Which topic or sub-topic that you like or hate.
  • What did you learn from this activity? Do you know the materials before this? Or was it something totally new to you? Why is it important?

The So What?

  • This part moves from description to analysis.
  • Link or relate any of the knowledge that you learned with your own experience. For example, in the topic of overtime, you may have the experience of your employer refusing to pay OT payment to you or pay it based on wrong calculation. Only then because you have no knowledge of the law, you did not do anything about it. Or it can be about the time when your sister was terminated from her job without being given any valid reason – could you have offered her some assistance or advise now that you know the basics of employment law?