The Work Environment Assessment Template

PART 1: Work Environment Assessment

The work environment assessment template has provided an inventory which helped to determine the workplace health. It consists a list of the statements which assigned a variety of answers for selecting on a most appropriate one depending on which depicts at workplace according to the statement. In this template, the total number of assessor’s responses are determining the total score of civility. The scores to be awarded ranged from 20-100 with a response as the critical determinant of the score to be awarded on every scale.

The Assessment conducted at a nursing workplace rated the work environment as a moderately healthy setting. According to Pinder (2015), employees come together to create value. Many responses to the assessment were neutral; however, the majority of the responses accurate. From the assessment, most of the nurses who experienced unfavorable working conditions spoke out, and physicians reported having changed their attitudes towards the nurses. Civility at any workplace has a very significant influence on numerous aspects. For instance, civil rights have a significant influence on the quality of life. When employees have a higher quality of life; they tend to be more relaxed and provide better patient care.

Things that surprised about the results and one idea believed before conducting the Assessment that was confirmed

Even though the workplace assessed is believed to be a local place, many concerns emerged that need to be addressed. From the assessment, there was a time when a patient refused to see the attending physicians based on racial preference. “Staff nurses’ trust in management tends to be significantly related to their feelings of being respected in the workplace. When employees’ sense of trust in the organization threatens, employees withdraw either physically or emotionally (Laschinger, Leiter, Day, Gilin-Oore, & Mackinnon, 2012).”

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