Pedi Asthma Exacerbation

Tommy Gibbs: Pedi Asthma Exacerbation

It is February & the height of the flu season.  Mrs. Gibbs brings Tommy, age 8, to General Hospital Urgent Care Center.  He has a history of Asthma, diagnosed at age 4.  He has no other medical problems.  He received the flu vaccine in October.  Mrs. Gibbs reports that Tommy has had a fever, cough, chills, & general malaise for 2 days.

He has an albuterol inhaler that he takes to school for use if needed &

a nebulizer machine at home.  He takes no other medications.

Tommy used the albuterol nebulizer several times yesterday, & then last night the nebulizer didn’t seem to help.  Mrs. Gibbs put Tommy in the shower & the steam of the shower helped.  But this morning he was short of breath, wheezing & having a hard time talking.

Of note both Mr. & Mrs. Gibbs are cigarette smokers.

Assessment today

Vital Signs:  BP 130/72, HR 142, RR 38, POX 87% RA, Temp 101.6, Weight 110 lbs (50 kg)

Physical Assessment:  Neuro A & O x3; Lungs breath sounds diminished, faint expiratory wheeze; Heart Sounds regular, tachycardic, S1,S2, no murmurs appreciated; Abd soft, nontender, non-distended, bowel sounds +; Extremities PP+, no edema.

The Health Care Provider asks the nurse to place Tommy on nasal 02 & titrate to POX of 92% & if needed to maintain adequate POX use non-breather mask, obtain IV access & routine labs, place on the cardiac monitor, & give an albuterol nebulizer treatment stat & solumedrol 100 mg IV stat.

Respond to Questions:

  1. What is the pathophysiology & may have contributed to this acute event?
  2. Explain why the treatments & medications were ordered.  How will they help Tommy?
  3. What is the Health Care Provider trying to prevent?


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