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JFK/Muhlenberg Harold B. and Dorothy A Snyder School of Nursing



  1. Observe and participate in a one-day clinical observation experience in Critical Care.
  2. Using APA format, submit a typed paper addressing the following questions:

    1. Discuss the role of the nurse in the Critical Care.
    2. Discuss in detail one patient that you observed. Include teaching, delegation, integration of National Patient Safety Goal (NPSG) and how QSEN was utilized when planning care.
    3. Describe collaboration/communication with the health care team when planning care including patient and family. Include utilization of the IPASS.
    4. What components of the nursing process are utilized during care?
    5. Evaluate the experience.  Be specific regarding the strengths and/or areas for improvement that you observed.

Please submit your paper to your clinical instructor by Monday 9am following the clinical experience.

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