Evidence-based practice


Now that you have been introduced to both evidence-based practice and theoretical frameworks relevant to health informatics:

1) In 150 words, please present a convincing argument about why evidence-based practice should matter to practitioners in health informatics. Offer one example (not discussed in the readings) of how it has influenced health informatics practice (5 points)

2) Next you will research a theoretical framework relevant to health informatics.  Use the UC library resources (http://libraries.uc.edu/)  or NLM resources (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/) to search for scholarly articles. Identify one article that was grounded in the theoretical framework you are researching. Read the article. In 500 words, introduce the theoretical framework , discuss what research question was being investigated and discuss the findings of the study based on the theoretical framework. (15 points)


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