Case Study Assignment


Case Study: A health system owns and operates a hospital and employs primary care physicians, general surgeons, and oncologists. The Hospital purchased a surgical practice in 2012. Part of the purchase of the practice included the purchase of the electronic medical record system that was a certified EHR. In January 2014, the hospital transitioned the primary care physicians, the surgeons, and the radiologists in the hospital to a new certified electronic health record, the implementation of which was completed 10 months later in October 2014. The physicians did not satisfy the MU criteria from January 1,2014 to December 31, 2014, because of the transition to a new certified EHR system. In addition, in 2015 the hospital’s electronic medical records vendor informed the hospital the it would not be able to satisfy the stage 3 interoperability and Technology  standards by January 2018.

1. Describe the process the physicians must complete to avoid the payment penalties.

2. Discuss what the hospital must do to achieve the MU objectives for Interoperability.


For each of these questions, answer as an informatician and keep these additional points in mind to increase the points value of your answers. In other words, please make sure to include these points in your answers to the two questions, in paragraph APA format.

Grading point distribution.

At least 2 approaches to make sure they meet criteria – 5 points

How you prioritize what is most important – 5 points

Areas for quality and value improvement – 5 points

ONC interoperability defined – 5 points

Description of how the selected approach aligns with the best practices – 5 points

How you measure the impact of these interventions and areas of improvement- 5 points


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