Case in Medical Ethics


Select a Classic Case in Medical Ethics that has shaped the medical ethics of today. You may

select a classic case about death and dying (comas, physician assisted suicide, requests to die),

the beginning of life (abortion, battles over embryos and stem cells, reproductive cloning, letting

newborn babies die), research and experimental treatments (animal subjects, human subjects,

artificial and transplantable organs), or individual rights and the public good (Involuntary

psychiatric commitment, civil commitment of sex offenders, genetic disease, preventing the

global spread of AIDS).

Summarize the classic case, identify the legal and ethical issues. Discuss how the case unfolded

at the time, and compare it with how the legal and ethical issues in that particular case are

perceived and dealt with today. Finally, discuss how the ramifications of that particular case have

impacted the healthcare environment in this decade, and the potential implications for the future

of healthcare. Provide an update on the case if applicable.

**Must be at least 7 pages (not including title page and references page)

** APA format

**Must be original and not plagiarized with references page of sources used.


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