Application of Epidemiology in Community Health Nursing


Assignment Topic:

Application of Epidemiology in Community Health Nursing (Selected sub population Children suffering Obesity).


The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate utilization of epidemiology research related to the health of the community, while facilitating your partial achievement of the following course learning outcomes. Your assignments must include:-

1)     Apply principles of primary health care, strategies of health promotion, and epidemiology concepts in working with Children suffering Obesity.


2)     Develop research questions that remain unanswered both in your personal learning and in the profession of community health nursing; and


3)     Apply community health knowledge and theory to your own nursing practice consistent with the Practice Standards for Regulated Members (College Associated of Registered Nurses of Alberta, 2013) and the Canadian Community Health Nursing Professional Practice Model and Standards of Practice (Community Health Nurses of Canada, 2011).

Assignment guidelines

You have to choose Children suffering Obesity as a specific population, then utilizing the Athabasca University Library Database conduct a search of the epidemiology literature and select one research study related to your specific population (Children suffering Obesity) for critique.

Your work will achieve maximum value or grade if it is succinct and insightful and clearly shows how you have applied the theory learned to a practical situation.

Marking Criteria

1)     Each element of the assignment guidelines is addressed.

2)     Ability to analyze, evaluates, create, and engage in critical inquiry is evident throughout.

3)     Adheres to APA (6th edition) scholarly format- Minimum 5 pages

(excluding title, references and appendix pages).

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